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App Review: GarageBand For iPad
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SteveFromBerlin    Said...

As usual:

I think it would be even better if it will be possible to select multiple outs someday so I could use it as an ideal playback device. I know I know - there's no hardware there yet, but it would just awesome!

22-Mar-11 11:55 AM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

Woo hoo!

Far from being a trimmed-down compromise, it's actually a major redesign that makes the iLife version look like Garbageband!!

This is so significant that we should start observing the effects it will make to contemporary music from space.

22-Mar-11 01:07 PM

Sean Sax    Said...


22-Mar-11 03:23 PM

Harry    Said...

How do you hookup your keyboard to the ipad? I'd like to connect the MIDI/USB on the back of my Casio Keyboard to my ipad and have had no luck so far. Thanks!

22-Mar-11 04:45 PM

Nick B    Said...

You need a camera connection kit, which is a dock to USB adapter. Then its just a matter of hooking up the USB, though NOT all USB midi devices are compatible, like I say in the review text, the AXIOM 61 didnt work as it drew too much power.

22-Mar-11 05:20 PM

grimley    Said...

If your keyboard draws too much power, stick a powered USB hub in the middle. I'm doing this with the Korg Legacy MS20 controller and the iMS20 app with a cool LED USB hub velcroed to the back of the controller ... truly amazing combo! Great review Nick!

22-Mar-11 05:55 PM

Nick B    Said...

Top Tip Grimley, didnt think of that one. I just tried to power the Axiom from a PSU. So I'm guessing its fernickety

22-Mar-11 06:06 PM

L56    Said...

Have to correct you on a few things, Nick: the instruments are more than 5 voice polyphonic. How else would you play a 6 string guitar? ;)

I can lay 10 fingers on the organ without problems...that sounds disturbing actually.

Also, you can use 4 effect pedals. As soon as you add tne third pedal, a fourth slot appears.

If there was one point of critique I would have about garage band, it would be not being able to choose my own set of chords. The are dependend on the root key you choose, and after a while they all start to sound too through garageband players chords! ;)

Other than that, for the money it really is a no brainer. Possibilities are endless...

22-Mar-11 06:18 PM


While I had heard about GarageBand on the iPad mentioned in one of the last two podcasts, I was not really clear how this would work...well, it is now. Your review was excellent and gives me a far better understanding of how I might use this application. Thanks Nick.

22-Mar-11 11:27 PM

Nick B    Said...

Thanks L56 - actually I only got 5 voices out of a couple of the keyboard instruments. Maybe I was doing something different will double- check.

23-Mar-11 05:23 AM

heyjohn    Said...

For guitar input, try an Alesis iO2|Express to a powered USB hub to the cameraKit+iPad. Should handle guitar, mic, and MIDI, although I've just used mine with guitar on iPad. Note that the only major app that doesn't like that config is Amplitube...

23-Mar-11 05:30 AM

Velocipede    Said...

Nice overview, Nick and thanks for making it viewable on an IPad! I love the sampler and love how you can set keyboard instruments to pitch bend by sliding fingers to the side (some patches also seem to have aftertouch from sliding forward on the keys).

I wish those guitar effects could be used on other instruments though.

The optimizing happens a lot on my songsā€¦ guess Apple wants me to buy an iPad 2!

23-Mar-11 06:56 AM

Nick B    Said...

Note, I'm rerendering the video without the 5-voice polyphony overlay - I think that its variable

23-Mar-11 07:13 AM

DBM    Said...

@ Nick I think export as GB file will put it in the ipads data section to which you find it buy looking at the ipad in iTunes . Dose it have a freeze function ? Finding out what the poly and fx limits are would be great to know too , though if it has the freeze function who cares ?

23-Mar-11 06:52 PM

jcs    Said...

Can you double tap the midi regions and edit them in a piano roll?

07-Apr-11 07:34 PM

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