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Podcast: SONIC TALK 210 - Ulrich Schnauss - Shoegazer Electronica
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David    Said...

I think you guys are a little jaded on the iPad as a musical interaction devise .

GarageBand ... I'm not a big fan of it on OSX as I have logic , but I can not see it's purpose being simply a " fad " . Midi and Audio recording on the go ? Smaller , lighter , more hands on than a laptop being a " fad " seams to go against 90% of R&D $ since the mid to late 90's . Apps like Midi Touch , OSC Touch , iXpander and other things have touched on things I think that extend themselves past " the guy just getting in to it " as well . Does the iPad have it's limits - yes Are you guys selling it a bit short - I think so .

Anyway not a big diatribe ment and though I am an OSX diehard user I am not counting out WIN or Linux based devices either for these purposes either , but is it a toy ? A pro tool , somewhere in between ? - Yes to all . Depends on the application ( not the .app) and the end user .

10-Mar-11 10:39 PM

Aecio de Souza    Said...

did you see the apple learning video for the new garageband for ipad? the instruments have some kind of sensitive velocity, not unlike (i hope) the igog application for iphone. at least for the piano. no one has added that yet besides them.

another thing: i contacted alesis about the new ipad fitting the Alesis IO and they said it fits fine.

10-Mar-11 11:03 PM

hiltonius    Said...

btw, having now played with it, i think the garage band app for iPad is really nice.

14-Mar-11 09:35 AM

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