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iPad App Review: Intua Beatmaker 2
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Artemiy    Said...

I am sorry but this review is misleading. BeatMaker is not a native iPad app, it requires you to use the pixel doubling mode, but it's nowhere near as usable as it would have been on a native iPad app.

03-Mar-11 11:56 AM

Adam Bailey    Said...


That is all...

03-Mar-11 03:46 PM

Blocker Beech    Said...

Its true its not a native app, but I dont think we said it was. Its actually pretty usable on the iPad - moreso I would say than the iPhone and so it seems fair to review it on one

04-Mar-11 06:48 AM

L56    Said...

An ipad app review that can't be played on the iPad....kind of a shame methinks! :-(

That said, beatmaker 2 and nano studio are great on the ipad in 2x mode. Not one problem.....albeit a bit expensive now compared to garage band for ipad. Ipad music apps just got a price woopin'!

04-Mar-11 04:32 PM

Nick B    Said...

Well yeah Garage band is going to set a new standard methinks. Really looking forward to seeing how they've done that

04-Mar-11 05:21 PM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

Still not entirely sure what Beat Maker 2 does? I heard that instruments in the new GarageBand can receive velocity data through gyroscopic motion. Does this do that? Surely velocity sensitivity is the minimum requirement of any drum pad program?

05-Mar-11 11:11 AM

Rich B    Said...

The velocity sensitivity on Beat Maker 2 is geared towards the keyboard rather than the drum pad. This obviously came out before Garage Band for iPad, and having done a bit of research on Garage Band, it looks like it's going to blow Beat Maker to pieces.

That said, Beat Maker 2 was fantastic in my eyes, if only for one week! haha.

05-Mar-11 06:37 PM

Carlos    Said...

I'm pretty sure he said it was an "intuitive" app, not a native one. I have both Garage Band and Beatmaker 2 and can honestly say that Beatmaker 2 is by far one of the most impressive apps I own for creating beats.

20-Jan-12 03:10 AM

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