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Sonic LAB: M-Audio Venom Virtual Analog
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bartal    Said...

Hi Nick

You've set a new standard for reviews :-)

28-Feb-11 02:56 PM

mark    Said...

Great review.

Do you think it's destined to be the new Microkorg?

28-Feb-11 04:22 PM

Valerio Cambareri    Said...

Awesome review Nick. It does sound good!

28-Feb-11 05:54 PM

Curious    Said...

So I have seen many people say " sampled wave forms " So then are the OSC's not dsp based , but rather pcm ,wavetable .... literally samples ?

01-Mar-11 02:38 AM

SteveFromBerlin    Said...

Some days ago I was in a music store and checked it out. I have to say, while it does sound good and that indeed matters the most, it's even more ugly in real life than on screen. How could somebody do that to good sounding synth engine?

01-Mar-11 04:28 AM

Timmer    Said...

Hey Nick,

Great review, cool sounds, like the ability to route audio through it, though shame about dsp load and cheap key feel. Was that Max's old guitar? Cheers, Tim O.

01-Mar-11 04:35 AM

Nick B    Said...

Hi Tim! Yes it was Max old guitar, the Burns Split Sound

01-Mar-11 05:10 AM

rezazel    Said...

Sounds good, but I don't like synths that need an editor for full programming...

01-Mar-11 05:20 AM

Brian from USA    Said...


You went over the audio interface rather quickly. I like the idea for LIVE keyboard + laptop making a very simple setup. It's hardly the first product to offer this but I seldom hear discussion of real-world latency and stability of these interfaces compared to standalone interfaces.

01-Mar-11 07:57 AM

Nick B    Said...

Yes fair point Brian. I thnk the latency is dependent on how tight you have your buffers on the host computer, the i/f on the Vernom alows for direct monitoring in which case the answer would be zero or thereabouts, but you can process through the synth, rather than through plug-ins in your DAW.

01-Mar-11 08:20 AM

Timmer    Said...

Hey Nick, Thought I recognised it. As used in 'Panic Stations' if I remember rightly. Cheers, Tim

01-Mar-11 08:35 AM

selercs    Said...


As always, great review! I agree about the keys: M-audio always made crappy keybeds to be honest...better than MIDIMAN but still not as good as a Fatar or Yamaha keybed.

Anyway, I have a question if you don't mind answering...what do you use to record audio into your video? I have a RME Fireface hooked via RCA cables to my Canopus ADVC...while it cancels out unwanted noise pretty good, I just can't seem to get the full depth and high decibel you get... any suggestions?

02-Mar-11 10:53 AM

Nick B    Said...

We have a vairety of record sources, camera, mac line in, sound input of our video capture system. I apply a little compression/EQ to the mic on record, usually I dont to the instrument, apart from a limiter at the final stereo output on our editing setup.

What I do do is setup a ducker on the line in keyed from the mic so I can maintain a higher level without having to automate all the levels of the music against a separate audio track. Oh, and I generally mix mic and instrument to stereo on record.

02-Mar-11 02:05 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Great review, as always! Nice guitar playing as well.

Very cool product, though maybe it would fare better if it were seperate from the audio interface.

On a sidenote, again no euro prices? :-)

02-Mar-11 02:34 PM

sf_user    Said...

The review really helps me to see what the potential is for the Venom. I am going to go and look into it soon. The price really set well relative to other synths available. Hope to see the Venom in a local store soon.

Thanks Nick.

03-Mar-11 01:19 AM

Venom User    Said...

I'm quite impressed by the Venom and the Vyzex editor. First off, the Venom engine does receive aftertouch. So using it with your DAW or any other MIDI controller, you can utilize aftertouch in your Venom patches. The limitation is that the Venom keybed doesn't transmit aftertouch. I'm sure this helped keep the price down. With the Venom not being my primary keybed, that's not that big of a deal.

The synth has found it's perfect spot in my keyboard aresenal. And that includes sitting along side of my Virus TI. They compliment each other so well.

I am very thankful that M-Audio has supplied such a 'thorough' editor with the Venom. There some amazing surprises in the editor that make you tweak in it for hours. Merging 2+ patches to create entirely new patches never heard before. Patch management has been well thought out. The integration is so tight, I forget that I'm not working directly on the face of the Venom. I've used some pretty robust editors before. Vyzex Venom actually ends up being one of the more 'brilliant' synth editors available - even when put up against ones that cost 20% of Venom's purchase price. Midi Quest XL, Access Virus TI Virus Control, Korg's M3 editor, and others.

The Venom is gonna be one of those classic synths that will be sought after for many years for it's uniqueness. The Venom doesn't seem to be trying to compete with anything out there. It's a Venom.

Nice job M-Audio & Psicraft. Quite impressed.

03-Mar-11 10:45 PM

Reyescult    Said...

Nice Review, Thanks!

04-Mar-11 09:45 PM

Omu    Said...

Do the other controls (I'm mainly interested in pitch and mod wheel) transmit 10bit data?

14-Oct-11 06:41 AM

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20-Sep-12 12:31 AM

venom analog prime soundset    Said...

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20-Sep-12 12:31 AM

Still    Said...

A little bit off topic sorry, but do you guys think about an getting an M-Audio Venom for Christmas ?

Any feedback(s) ( PMs ) appreciated !

16-Nov-13 12:14 PM

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