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Sonic LAB: iRig Mic And VocaLive App Review
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ikequalsdisappointment    Said...

if you buy any ik product you will regret it in the end like I did, I would stick with bigger name professional brands with better reputations, good luck.

21-Feb-11 08:49 AM

CD    Said...

iRig sucked big time, so if this is gonna be the same quality, stay away from it!

21-Feb-11 10:27 AM

Nick B    Said...

Wow guys, thats pretty harsh - this is €59 not thousands of dollars. iRig did not suck big time, it has limitations as will anything that is powered by what is essentially a PDA, but it can do amazing things.

21-Feb-11 10:46 AM

Sweetbread    Said...

IK Multimedia's Amplitube 3 is the best guitar modeler on the market that I've ever used, software or hardware.

I can't speak on the iRig, but I certainly haven't regretted my purchase of Amplitube 3.

21-Feb-11 04:28 PM

Looks Great    Said...

This looks pretty good to me. Another sure hit from IK Multimedia.

A couple years ago, I was happy to take photos and listen to mp3s on my phone. Now I'm amping my guitar. Who woulda thunk it? Next I'll be singing like Justin Bieber!

Thanks IK! :D

22-Feb-11 12:43 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

That's a brilliant product, and at the price it should be great for offering that extra bit of flexibility and experimentation with vocals in a setup. Really enjoyed the review as well!

22-Feb-11 06:38 PM

James    Said...

I've always wanted to have a really good portable mic and recorder to take with me when I go hiking or camping with my guitar in the woods. I think this may be it. Can't wait.

23-Feb-11 04:07 AM

Rich B    Said...

Remember that what we were reviewing here was a beta software version! I think that once it's finished it will be as great as Amplitube. The mic as a piece of hardware, and the software, will be great as a portable performance or recording tool.

23-Feb-11 07:36 AM

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