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Line 6 DT-50 - Tubes and DSP In Perfect Harmony?
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Tuber    Said...

Thats a great review, you can really get a sense of the tones Nicely done. Shame about the price though. Iguess we've all become used to paying low prices for Line 6 and now they come up with something that just costs more, its a bit confusing.

22-Feb-11 05:35 PM

Rich B    Said...

Yeah, the price and the weight were certainly the only negatives, but I guess that's justified by the fact that it's still cheaper to buy the DT50 than buying 4 classic tube amps.

Really recommend trying one out if you can get your hands on it!

23-Feb-11 07:30 AM

Teige    Said...

Great stuff, you hepeld me out so much!

11-Aug-11 09:02 AM

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