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Free Plug-In Converts Drum Pad Audio To MIDI
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Sammy    Said...

This cannot possibly be AUDIO to MIDI. It is based on triggering -- which is different from audio. In this case, I am not taking issue with SonicState -- I'm taking issue with the product's creator.

You cannot convert pitchless audio into MIDI. You can convert switch data into MIDI. I understand that many people assume incorrectly that audio and MIDI are the same thing. They aren't, cannot be, and never will be.

Thank you.

09-Feb-11 10:04 PM

Sammy    Said...

And I'll correct myself on one point: It IS possible to create MIDI using pitchless audio -- it is called: "turning all incoming audio into a single MIDI note chosen by default or by the user."

But the point is that this product does none of that. It IS a cool product -- so don't get me wrong. I'm simply taking issue with how it is being advertised. Sure -- anyone who works with drum triggers daily understands intuitively -- and probably could express what it does more lucidly than I am right now. But I don't like seeing things advertised falsely.

The drum triggers that the product listens to need to be plugged into some MIDI interface, and need to send the switched data to the computer. That is all that I'm saying. If it DOES listen to "audio," then I'll be fuddled, because the last time that I checked, the nice video that he shows on YouTube shows the exact opposite.

Thank you.

09-Feb-11 10:13 PM

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