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WNAMM11: Top Five Apps And Accessories
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Devon E    Said...

I just got back home from Macworld I looked at 20 different iPad Cases and I found the best one by far it's called the ZooGue and it is amazing totally worth the $49 I spent on it

01-Feb-11 11:56 AM

Nick B    Said...

Devon, that does look like a cool case, we really need one here, but I bet its £50 in the UK

01-Feb-11 12:15 PM

Impending Chicago Blizzard    Said...



01-Feb-11 12:44 PM

steved    Said...

When do we decide that this trend everywhere ( but crazy in the music biz) that using the slowest cpu in your house for music makes sense. Everything about the iphone and ipad is biased toward battery life. Yet you mostly have a plug right there in your music den/office/studio - so wasting everything for the wrong reasons. yes some apps on the raod makes sense but for most music work this is stupid.

06-Feb-11 08:08 PM

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