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WNAMM11: Fairlight 30th Anniversary Edition
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selercs    Said...


I fell in love with this instrument when I saw this on the British Top Of the Pops live show for some of my all-time favorite songs like 'Always On My Mind'. (I think they used an Emulator for 'Its a Sin').

I am in my early 30s now...I was a kid back then and used to drool of synths.

80's music is still my favorite and thats why I like Yamaha, Roland over Korg in general since Korg has a more of 90s+ sound.

20-Jan-11 07:19 PM

selercs    Said...

If I had the money, I would buy this for the nostalgia! Hell yeah!

Until then I will use all the sampling on my Apple Logic, Yamaha, Korg and Roland hehe.

20-Jan-11 07:20 PM

Bue Monster 65    Said...

Screw the kids' college funds - I'm getting a Fairlight instead!

20-Jan-11 11:05 PM

Fleckpen    Said...

Is that Victor Wooten playing bass in the background? I kept hoping we'd see more of him, instead of this $20k lightpen w/ a computer. Maybe you could sample him 8-bit/16k and transpose and loop it.

21-Jan-11 11:47 AM

robgs    Said...

Jeez! I just wanted to reach into the screen and strangle that bloody bass player.

21-Jan-11 02:06 PM

tob    Said...

thats alot of money for nostalgia... they should release the software.

24-Jan-11 12:11 PM

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