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WNAMM11: Elektron Octatrak
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Steve    Said...

what an incredibly useless video.

Ya could have had a radio playing and some blinking lights as there was no useful information here...

20-Jan-11 01:05 PM

Nick B    Said...

Thanks Steve, I must admit I was hoping for something more insightfull when I filmed it, but unfortunately it was not forthcoming. Still they have released a lot of informative videos themselves.

20-Jan-11 02:43 PM

acidwarrior    Said...

where's the vid interview with highsage/scott? :-)

20-Jan-11 05:48 PM

Nick B    Said...

He was very kind to talk to us,even though he was thrown in without any prep. But we didnt have time to let him set the kit up to do his thing in the end. Shame as he was a top chap and obviously knew his stuff.

20-Jan-11 06:10 PM

Quiggers    Said...

i cant hear it in the backside.

21-Jan-11 01:13 AM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

Ha ha backside

21-Jan-11 06:05 AM

DC    Said...

I have to say every single demo of this thing I have seen has been shite. Either terribly unmusical or floundering and aimless. No doubt Elektron fans will still buy this overpriced DrRex in a hardware box. What is it they say about a fool and his money again?

24-Jan-11 05:27 AM


Yes, terrible demo. Journalism not very good either. Who, what, why, where, when, how much: cover the basics. I'm no more informed having seen the demo. The presenter might describe and show WHAT IT DOES in enough detail to get a picture of its capability, and tweaking knobs on other gear doesn't help unless explaining how it's relevant. Making a real song with it might help.

24-Jan-11 10:21 AM

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