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WNAMM11: Teenage Engineering OP-1 Is Ready For Production
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Brian from USA    Said...

It's not the kind of instrument I'm personally interested in but as an engineer myself I was gobsmacked by the display and the color coding for the obvious, how come noone has done that in the past? Almost like an Apple product (that's a compliment)

19-Jan-11 08:36 AM

six    Said...

fascinating product. But for 800 bucks to do some hipster 8bit glitch shit um...fuck no. just go modify a tascam 4 track.

20-Jan-11 02:46 AM

mbleming    Said...

"hipster shit"...what does that even mean at this point?? Six, what gear do you use that rises above the useless tag of "hipster shit"...You suggest modifying a tascam 4 track...hmmm cassette culture is probably THE most hipster recording format on earth right now! $800 is not cheap, but this is a boutique product made by small group of inspired folks. Develop a truly unique and compelling piece of hardware and report back with your SRP and we'll see how generous you are...

10-Feb-11 03:25 PM

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