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WNAMM11: Access Virus OS 4.5 Higlights
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selercs    Said...

Juno-60 had the most amazing chorus ever! Great to see Virus (my favorite modern digital synth) continue the Roland legacy.

17-Jan-11 11:56 AM

Fatal Rabbit    Said...

I want a cookie. Give me a cookie!

17-Jan-11 12:32 PM

Da under    Said...

me too!!! :) cookie please!!!

I want this O.S update.

17-Jan-11 05:09 PM

RedWalks    Said...

Haha,well done Access - clever idea paying their employees with cookies !! They have to rename the Virus in Oscar or the Blue Meanie then... ;-D

17-Jan-11 05:42 PM

WaveformTX    Said...

Cookie Crumbs? In my keyboards?

18-Jan-11 01:51 AM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

Are you sure you've spelled his name right, there?

18-Jan-11 04:53 AM

selercs    Said...

How can anyone leave cookies on the imac keyboard? I am so anal about people touching anything in my studio without washing hands with soap and drying it.

18-Jan-11 11:20 AM

Plug&Play    Said...

@selercs: People that uses a mouse to control expencive modern hardware synths. Or the people that design such device, I guess.

18-Jan-11 03:34 PM

knolan, Dublin.    Said...

That Analoghe Key feature is absolute genuis. I was just about to send a post to to make a point about the need for 'analogue type drift' in envelope attack times being really important to emulating analogue synths; and here Virus have provided the possibility to do that - indeed to provide pseudo randon values to any three synth parameters you like. This wull really bring character to using the instrument.

For example - on my Jupiter 6, a curious variance in the attack times means that every so often, arpeggiated notes sound slightly wrong - it's very minor - but it adds character to the arpeggio and it never sounds exactly the same any two times. Now with this feature, you can add similar variance to attack times, indeed to any parameter on the Virus, and it'll make the instrument sound very different and with the character of a true analogue synthesizer. Very interesting indeed.

Don't own one of these but this OS update is making it very attractive!!

19-Jan-11 02:36 PM

SteveFromBerlin    Said...

Really dig those new features! It's good to see how constantly they are evolving their product!

Did anybody realize the japanese guy in the background that looks like he's making in depth pictures of the corner and back of the instrument?

07-Mar-11 05:37 PM

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