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WNAMM11: Best iPad Connectivity In Show?
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Koshdukai    Said...

There's no USB *IN* is there ?

To quickly plug a USB based MIDI controller.

Apart from that, WOW :)

17-Jan-11 10:03 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Exactly my feelings - this would be an ideal device to quickly connect a nano keys or such to and have a really compact studio. However - at that price you can't really complain I guess. Looks great!

17-Jan-11 12:06 PM

DBM    Said...

Nice !

USB B Type ? Maybe it will receive some of the usb only controllers with a small Hub ?

I'm just happy to see a full audio interface with din midi personally !

17-Jan-11 03:12 PM

DBM    Said...

Ok Dave now there is no reason to not have impOSCar v-1 on the iPad ;)

17-Jan-11 03:14 PM

voughndutch    Said...

no spidif booo. dont trust those pre amps

17-Jan-11 08:57 PM

nyah    Said...

It couldn't have S/PDIF digital inputs... the Doc connector on the iPod/iPad is an analog input, so the A/D conversion on the way in comes after the doc. The Preamps are probably the same as on the iO|26 which were pretty nice! Definitely getting one!

18-Jan-11 08:52 PM

Cool    Said...

I wonder if this will be compatible with the iPad 2 which is expected soonish.

Maybe that's why they are waiting until May?

Look like an awesome little unit.

19-Jan-11 03:56 AM

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