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WNAMM11:Korg's Mighty Kronos
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selercs    Said...

Game changer for sure! Everything sounded pretty good (I can't say great only because I didn't hear it in full resolution yet). With the exception of the guitar and sitar that sound very synthetic. Yamaha Motif does them better (as of yet). But the string modeling is something that looks promising. Let's see!

15-Jan-11 09:55 AM

MJIII    Said...

April can't get here soon enough!

16-Jan-11 04:43 PM

synthguy    Said...

As a few notable keyboard players have said, it starts with the piano. And Kronos blows those doors right off the hinges. The solo strings are rather weak as usual, but KORG do have a few months before launch to correct this, or add new samples later as an option. Then again, there is STR-1 and I'm not up on what this is capable of.

But with NINE synth engines, this synth is going to be an infinite well of creativity for synthesists and sound designers like me. SOLD!

17-Jan-11 10:58 AM

DC    Said...

Im not seeing what the hype is about here? Its a slow evolution of what came before and quite frankly the sounds I've heard from this thing are as bland as korgs have always been.

I'll take Native Instruments Komplete 7 and a decent midi controller over this thing any day.

18-Jan-11 06:44 AM

Nate    Said... can take NI Komplete 7, a computer, DAW, controller, audio interface (etc) and have an more open system. However, I've produced on my computer and in my studio for years and it's something different about my productions when I can instantaneously pick a sound, sample a sound, use a combi for inspiration or whatever. And I now have multiple timbres and synth engines all in one package. Now all I need is Kronos and Headphones. Yeah...I getting one!!!!!

08-Feb-11 01:52 PM

emil    Said...

exactly how does this thing beat out the oasys in capabilities,sound quality,and recording power //

03-Mar-11 12:11 PM

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