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WNAMM11: Avid Venom
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selercs    Said...

Awesome little synth.. The demo doesn't show the depth of sounds but thats due to the recording. Definitely good for those who don't want to spend $$$$ for a workstation like Korg Kronos

13-Jan-11 06:57 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Really enjoyed that. Very good interview - the interactive part of the presentation was very much the most interesting part. Loved the sound of the demo too, had a real Kraftwerk-y vibe.

13-Jan-11 07:01 PM

Synthesist    Said...

Just heard the demos and saw the video on Thing sounds awesome, and the price is a jaw-dropper. This is the next piece of kit in my studio, no lie.

13-Jan-11 08:18 PM

Juicy Audio Productions    Said...

Interesting synth and a good price point. I wont be getting rid of my RADIAS in a hurry, however ;-)

13-Jan-11 08:37 PM

selercs    Said...

Crystal Method was right! This synth sounds amazing from the demos on the website - a cross between virus and nord. Has noticeably more bottom end than the Virus, no shittin!

Wish it had more polyphony and parts, but this is actually more than enough if you are recording 4 parts at a time to the sequencer, which is what most of us do!

13-Jan-11 09:19 PM

I Don't Like Music    Said...

selercs said: "Wish it had more polyphony and parts..."

At this price, buy two! :D

13-Jan-11 09:36 PM

WaveFormTX    Said...

At such a low cost, I foresee this synth to take over the spot that the MicroKorg has sat on.

13-Jan-11 09:48 PM

Garbage from M-audio    Said...

Sounds like a cheap or free vst for $499

13-Jan-11 10:08 PM

Mark    Said...

Yeah, seems like a microkorg killer. Cool little synth, need to hear it in person.

13-Jan-11 10:47 PM

selercs    Said...

Garbage From M-Audio,

This sounds like a VST? HOw about Virus? I always thought Virus sounded like a VST. In fact, most of the modern digital synths sound like high-quality VSTs. Nothing wrong with that.

If you want 'REAL' sound, play a real analog synthesizer or real instrument.

Well, some people just want to complain no matter what. I see dweebs complaining about Korg's Kronos on Hispasonic...wah wah has only 16 tracks, wah wah wah. No matter that it has 9 synthesis types, 24 bit sound, streaming HD, etc.

14-Jan-11 01:07 AM

selercs    Said...

Reason why I hate VSTs though is that it sounds 'thin' because there is no dedicated hardware that gives it its flavor. Its like Waldorf: the Blofeld sounds better than Largo even though the programming is basically the same. Blofeld's capacitors, resistors and other components give it that flavor.

Korg's Legacy edition on computer sounds paper thin and cheap, but the same stuff from Oasys (or now Kronos) sounds amazing. Again, its the same engine, but one is binary code strictly with the exception of the audio interface while the other has more components from its PCB.

I would get digital hardware over VST anyday!

14-Jan-11 01:10 AM

Schroeder    Said...

I think this machine needs a little more "capacitors, resistors and other components"

14-Jan-11 05:17 AM

Will    Said...

'I like aliasing' hmm... I'm convinced this synth doesn't have much going for it.

14-Jan-11 06:54 AM

Casimir's Blake    Said...

No user-sample-import? No aftertouch? Price be damned. I'm glad to see M-Audio venturing into the hardware synth market, but these two glaring omissions, pathetic sounds, and the pointless audio interface (this is M-Audio, why would I want an interface from them when I already have a Multiface?) make this a no-go for me.

Add aftertouch, sample import, and maybe get a decent display in there as well (segmented LEDs? in 2011??), and ditch the audio interface for the Venom 2 please!

14-Jan-11 07:06 AM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

C'mon it's M-Audio's first synth! Cut them some slack!

It's just my kinda sound. Exactly what the grotesque Novation Xiosynth offered and failed to deliver.

I am a sucker for un-compromised front panels and beautiful displays but y'can't argue with that price.

14-Jan-11 07:14 AM

tesla    Said...

M-audio rompler city....... (It sounds like their version of a korg micro x)

They are gonna sell a tonne.

I can see why they choose Crystal Method to promote it - this thing is gonna be tearing up the dancefloors in cheesy clubs everywhere.

14-Jan-11 08:40 AM

Sam Mallery    Said...

M-Audio? M-Avido? I'm confused.

I kind of like the "cheapness" of the sound. I kind of don't like the "instant dubstep just add water" aspect.

14-Jan-11 12:32 PM

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