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WNAMM11: Dave Smith And Roger Linn Create A New Analog Drum Machine
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Juicy Audio Productions    Said...


very interesting stuff..intriguing, creatively enticing, tactile sensitivity, crisp led display..


13-Jan-11 05:31 PM

5Volt    Said...

So, Roger's an IPA man.....

I can't believe I am even contemplating getting this.

Sounds the Shizznik. )

13-Jan-11 05:35 PM

tesla    Said...

Sounds great - kinda ugly

Maybe a bit too expensive?

Dave and Roger seem like really genuine peeps!


14-Jan-11 08:48 AM

jean valjean    Said...

ugly? wow, you must get out more often dude, take a break from the computer

18-Jan-11 11:14 AM

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