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Free Synplant Sounds For Reason
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Brian from USA    Said...

Can't really see the purpose of this. Without the Synplant interface to manipulate them, the sounds themselves are nothing special. OK, much respect because it's free ;)

06-Jan-11 07:59 AM

Stockwell    Said...

I strongly . . . nay . . . vehemently disagree, my American friend. I've d/led the Refill, checked it out a bit, and I deem the patches in it to be most excellent.

Also, Synplant's a VST, and Reason is allergic to VSTs. So this is the easiest way for Reason users to get all "Synplanty" with it.

06-Jan-11 11:14 AM

Brian from USA    Said...

Under the UI the synth itself is nothing special. The most important thing about Synplant IS the UI...not only when programming new sounds but also in performance. I'm sure the refill has good patches, enjoy it!

06-Jan-11 03:30 PM

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