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New Synth From M-Audio- Venom
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Derek    Said...

Wow... a new hardware synth? [checks calendar] Is it still 2010/2011? ;)

24-Dec-10 10:40 AM

Sweetie Poe    Said...

Christmas sarcasm, Derek? You're better than that.

I think it looks vaguely rockin'.

Here's to hoping!

24-Dec-10 12:07 PM

selercs    Said...

I hope this doesn't have the crappy M-audio build quality. Their new Oxygen V2 MIDI controllers have such sharp edges on the keys they literally tear my fingers up.

They need to learn from the Japanese or Europeans on build quality.

27-Dec-10 07:36 PM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

Some say it specializes in sounding 'nasty' - like a VIRUS TI? Or genuinely nasty like a Novation Xiosynth.

The RRP will tell..

27-Dec-10 10:47 PM

selercs    Said...

Lol @ Benedict. Even the new Novation Ultranova sounds 'nasty' (in a bad way). It sounds like a soft plug. Like my V-station. The old novation products actually had a much more 'hardware' sound to it.

I was never a fan of maudio but I do like their reference monitors - not shabby - and they do sell things cheap so more novice musicians can afford.

Maudio and Behringer - I feel -are on the same level...

28-Dec-10 02:55 AM

selercs    Said...

I won't be surprised if Behringer comes with their own hardware synth to imiate a nord or jupiter or virus.

28-Dec-10 02:56 AM

cheakywillie    Said...

i have seen the layout on the synth and it looks nice as it has 4 infiniti rotarys with 4 sub menus also has 2 fm osc and 2 sub osc for each has audio inputs ( 1/4 and rca with usb and midi as well.. i dont remember if it had spdif and i didn't hear what it sounded like...but we will see tomorrow

13-Jan-11 03:47 AM

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