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Podcast: SONIC TALK 200 - Tara Busch Live
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Derek    Said...

Congratulations! I've been listening since day one and can't thank you enough for al the entertainment over the years. :-)

09-Dec-10 12:42 PM

Fairbanks    Said...

Impressive achievement! I've been along for the listen the entire way too up here in Alaska. Absolutely love your core group and the invited guests. How about a link for that China Cymbal maker? Dillon is it?


09-Dec-10 12:50 PM

Derek    Said...

(Nick) "We _were_ talking about DNA, really, rather than AutoTune…"

Did anyone else do a double-take when they heard this? ;)

09-Dec-10 03:04 PM

BMeister    Said...

hmmm...did recording stop at 1:05:23?

09-Dec-10 03:43 PM

Jing    Said...

I'm very happy that the show is still going. Been listening weekly for about a year now. Congratulations!! On the other hand, somewhat disappointed that the video ends prematurely. Somewhat anti-climactic hearing Tara describe the tunes coming up and then it's just over. Hope it can be fixed. I guess that's the kind of thing to be expected from time to time to time when producing a live show though.

09-Dec-10 04:30 PM

Nick B    Said...

Yes I can fix it. I have a local recording too, I should be able to sort it tomorrow.

Sorry about that its all a bit new. Typically, this has been working for weeks, while its just me in the studio, but as soon as there's an 'event' it bonks!

Thanks for your understanding.

09-Dec-10 04:52 PM

Matze    Said...

Great show. I cut up Tara's amazing performance from the podcast to 4 separate songs and uploaded it here. Perhaps you could host them on your site, too.

09-Dec-10 06:54 PM

Andy Mac    Said...

Hi Fairbanks - the cymbalsmith is called Matt Nolan - he's based here in Bath, but he's pretty well-known in cymbal circles. Website is

09-Dec-10 07:06 PM

hui    Said...

Another great show! Happy bicentennial, Nick & co!

10-Dec-10 12:05 AM

asiohead    Said...

Congrats again Nick !!! A fantastic 200 !!!

I really enjoyed the podcasts since episode one. Also the transition to live video was great ! And still getting better every week, like this one with some wonderful live music from Tara.

Can't wait for nr 400, wonder how the show will be then; all of us connected and synced together doing a massive musical piece ... who knows :)

You guys from SonicState and the weekly guests made my Wednesdays a day to look forward to. Thanx for that ! and keep up the good work !


10-Dec-10 12:30 AM

Gustavo    Said...

Congrats Nick!!! too bad I could not listen to it live. But oh well... BTW it does stop at 1:05, just 65 mins and is missing about 15 mins.

10-Dec-10 11:45 AM

RedWalks    Said...

Congrats to 200 Shows Nick !!!

...and oh my what a week...I was to busy to do another YT clip :-( I even couldn`t catch up ur 20min delay after being there for the amazing live show. So I ended up watching the recorded stream at least 10x because I fell asleep within these mysterious 20 min I whish the best for all upcoming shows and the holydays. Cya , Red !

12-Dec-10 07:33 AM

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