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Sonic LAB: AVID MBox Three
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Derek    Said...

How do the mic preamps sound?

Whenever I hear people talk about the Digi 002R or 003R mic pres, the phrases "absolutely horrible" and "Black Lion Audio modifications" are never far behind. :-) I think the same thing happened on some of the early SonicTalk episodes...

06-Dec-10 11:01 AM

Nick B    Said...

They sound pretty reasonable to my ears, I think the circuitry in these pres is quite different to the 00 series.

Not sure about the Sonic TALK episodes, I dont think I've ever used Digi hardware for those. I think the early ones may have been just Macbookpro line in...

06-Dec-10 11:10 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Great review Nick, I especially liked the live demonstrations with the interface in the actual review being recorded.

06-Dec-10 01:14 PM

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