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Reviewed: Line 6 Pod HD500
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worldblee    Said...

Very good overview. Other quibbles I could mention are no on/off switch, poor computer editing program (buggy, not intuitive--would be better if they used the old Gearbox software, which is loads better), and a poor interface for the unit editing controls. Hopefully, they'll soon update the computer editor, but there's no excuse for the lack of an on/off switch. Great value for the money though, and it can make some very nice sounds.

26-Nov-10 05:08 PM

AndyB    Said...

This is an excellent review, guys.

As a previous generation Pod owner I know that Line 6 can do all manner of cheezy sounds... but it's the authentic and subtle emulations that have been lacking. Yours is the first review I've seen that really demonstrates how big a step up they've made on their basic amp emulations.

I might have to buy one of these!

28-Nov-10 07:03 AM

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