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Sonic LAB: Arturia The Player 25
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Benedict Johnson    Said...

I never owned the previous Arturia 'Analogue Factory' software/controller but this new 'Player' version appears to be 100% identical. I'm curious in what ways Arturia have updated this 3 year old technology, apart from slimming down the number of presets?

(**PS Hurry up and show us the MicroStation review!!)

15-Nov-10 09:43 AM

Gustavo    Said...

Man that track really sounded great!! You are making me consider getting one of these!!

I like it because it is kind of a ROMpler, but with much better sounds. Excelent for those times you just want a common sound but do not have the time to create it or just dont feel like doing it.

15-Nov-10 10:20 AM

Tesla    Said...

Ummmmmm, Why do all of their hardware "emulations" sound the same? Seriously, their prophet VS sounds the same as their jupiter 8. If peeps want their stuff to sound "analog" then maybe they should just buy a used dsi mopho and sample it into a soft sampler if they need poly...

15-Nov-10 03:08 PM

Wilson    Said...

@Tesla: That's because you are listening to all of the different emulations via the same digital converters mate - the DA devices have a huge effect on the end coloration of the sound and what we hear when it comes out of the box.

15-Nov-10 06:06 PM

notavampire    Said...


16-Nov-10 06:51 AM

Janice_S    Said...

cut your nails... your creeping me out!!

A wash would not be such a bad idea as well.

16-Nov-10 11:11 AM

asa    Said...

If you want entrecot, buy an entrecot, not a burger. Easy to understand. This product is a wanna be.

16-Nov-10 01:42 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

At the price, a great product. Limited in editing but a great sound. I do feel that they should have added aftertouch and a few more knobs to the keyboard, but at the price there's room for a nanokontrol in the budget. :-)

17-Nov-10 04:40 PM

DBM    Said...

Is there an editor for the KB ? In that you can save Midi CC's yo the knobs and such for use with hardware ?

17-Nov-10 11:52 PM

Nick BB    Said...

Editor yes. It should have been in the video no? you send the settings to the keyboard

18-Nov-10 05:31 AM

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