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Native Instruments Maschine 1.6
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justin    Said...


13-Nov-10 05:12 PM

Dr. Beakman    Said... my pants

13-Nov-10 06:11 PM

DBM    Said...

Nice a stand alone environment in the reason ish realm . Might have to had it to the list of things I want . Damn

13-Nov-10 06:12 PM

Dom    Said...

I was just about to sell my maschine... not anymore. THANX NI!!!!!

15-Nov-10 01:59 PM

DC    Said...

An already awesome product just got a hell of a lot better.

I cant wait to start sequencing uhe Ace and Zebra in maschine. Its going to be storming for live use :)

17-Nov-10 05:11 AM

Knocks    Said...

this is the low down on 1.6. say you have a softsynth like Sylenth1 for example. You cannot browse the hundreds of presets from the maschine hardware without making all the presets into "modules" first. ONE BY ONE! What a waist of time. Just like the useless tagging system.

29-Jan-11 05:11 PM

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