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Korg iMS-20 In Action
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Benedict Johnson    Said...

It certainly impresses the hell out me.

It sounds so.. proper! I love the two X-Y pads and the tempo-synced pattern selections.

How bloody useful. Now I just need to buy an iPad..

12-Nov-10 10:35 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Just got it myself a few days ago. Indeed a very impressive piece of software. The main interface is a bit small for me (though I like the fact that you have an overview of it all) and I'd love to have a pinch-zoom in/out function. Overall: VERY cool!

13-Nov-10 12:52 PM

Brian from USA    Said...

Finally a touchscreen knobbby interface for a softsynth. When will we have this for our DAWs?

15-Nov-10 08:39 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

If you use a mac: there's an app (I forget the name for now) that allows you to use your mac with the iPad over Wifi. It doesn't work multitouch though, although there are seperate control apps that do this: there are several for Live and also Mackie Control based apps that - I believe - will also work with Windows machines. An example is the AC7 Pro, Nick did a review of this a while back.

16-Nov-10 10:49 AM

Adam    Said...

How about Korg fixes the VST they made of the MS-20 so it's actually useable. (It has a horrible patch library with no navigation, and you can't even see the whole thing at once!!!!) I often feel ditched by Korg products . The Analog edition synths sound fantastic, but they were a pain to use until they released the Mono/Poly. Why couldn't they update the other synths to be user friendly as well?

Repacking the MS-20 for Nintendo and iPad is great fun, but how about a little more effort to the musicians who paid $200 for the professional versions.

17-Nov-10 02:36 AM

Mattsynth    Said...

For the price you can not beat this deal. Sounds and looks very cool. Keep in mind that this is the MS-20 so the limitations are included. You also get sequencer's, cool XY pads and a MS-20 analog drum machine. Just lock me in my room and slip the food under the door. Way too much fun.

17-Nov-10 02:36 PM

Mal    Said...

Good sound but too fiddly. And not really analog either. The real thing is way more fun :)

30-Jun-11 09:24 PM

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