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Rebirth For iPad
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mibo    Said...

No upgrade for iPod Touch users 8-(

10-Nov-10 09:00 AM

Dolphono    Said...

Peff is THE MAN. I never understood the 303 in Rebirth, now I do thanks to this and it not even a

10-Nov-10 11:34 AM

Awesome    Said...

@ Dolphono

Yeah i was just thinking the same thing!

Nice touch with the notation graphics too to make things clearer.

10-Nov-10 05:29 PM

mike    Said...

Why is there no audio export of use on this program? Or integration with reason or record?


10-Nov-10 05:41 PM

meetoo    Said...

Anybody out there wishing there would be iReason for iPad...

11-Nov-10 02:58 AM

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