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Transform Your iPad Into A Complete Korg Synth Studio
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Marc JX8P    Said...

Very cool! I'll definitely get this app! Editing sounds via the multitouch screen should be really intuitive.

09-Nov-10 05:40 AM

Brian from USA    Said...

Why do mfrs keep talking about the "analog" stuff in their digital products? It's like the word has no real meaning any more.

09-Nov-10 08:34 AM

Sean Sax    Said...

Amazingly enough, I've never realized Brian's point until he brought it up here. Kinda' like using artificial flavouring and claiming your products has "that real orange just taste". Only one thing has that real orange juice taste . . . real orange juice.

09-Nov-10 11:50 AM

Borat    Said...

Why can't korg just remake the Ms-20 as a real hardware synth instead of teasing us with a sub par soft synth?

09-Nov-10 07:37 PM

Gustavo    Said...

To me, it looks like a revamped DS-10 (the one for teh Nintendo DS)

Also, what Brian says is true... nothing will be analog except analog.

09-Nov-10 11:26 PM

Nick B    Said...

Well it has elements of the DS10 but it is definitely more MS20. The filters actually sound pretty good. I tried it today and was quite impressed.

Missing for now is the MIDI in which would be kinda cool for meaningful playing

10-Nov-10 03:02 PM

DBM    Said...

Funny I was just wondering if they had any intention of doing KLC stuff on the iPad ?

KORG get out of my head ! lol

10-Nov-10 11:01 PM

DBM    Said...

@Nick B any info if they will add core midi ?

10-Nov-10 11:02 PM

Dirty Heaven    Said...

"The filters actually sound pretty good" that's a good joke Nick ! ha ha ha ... f... this software-shit.

12-Nov-10 03:44 AM

Bart    Said...

Lol. Wake up, or are you living in a museum? These things and this kind of software are the future. It's like what happened with analog photography. You can't stop this, so accept it.

13-Nov-10 08:02 AM

Reality    Said...

Can those instruments do polyphonic sounds (chords)? All I can hear are mono lines. Probably due to the IPad's processing power limitations. The drum module sounds nice though.

14-Nov-10 05:18 AM

Gustav    Said...

@Bart: Unfortunately this is the future. I say unfortunately because digital things will never have the same inmediacy as hardware, nor the same inspiration hardware makes. There is a reason why companies like Buchla and Mattson are still around. Same goes for the rebirth of Moog and DSI.

BUT I agree they make up in functinoality (as in the MS-20 did not have a drum machine)and sometimes user interface. Still I believe nothing beats having a real keyboard with real knobs. Although with the inclusion of the Midi interface for the iphone, this may change...

14-Nov-10 12:03 PM

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