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Less Than 30,000 Musicians Can Actually Make A Living
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Brian from USA    Said...

Time to kill myself

08-Nov-10 11:34 AM

Sean C    Said...

Making a living = Paying for gear food is optional

08-Nov-10 11:37 AM

Sam    Said...

Sounds about right since the majority of music made today is complete shite.

08-Nov-10 03:19 PM

EVOHE7    Said...

Music has always been related to the level of spirituality on human kind, the industry is another history, They promote music for the masses cause there`s where the money is, they don´t care about if people gets metally ill listenig to their bad influence. I think that is why just I few good musicians prosper in the industry, the rest should`nt be call musicians.

08-Nov-10 04:06 PM

John    Said...

EVOHE7 "metally ill"

that's a lapsus ;)

08-Nov-10 04:21 PM

EVOHE7    Said...

sorry for my bad English John, I´m from Venezuela. You know what I meant


08-Nov-10 04:30 PM

Andy    Said...

What utter drivel!

Is that what passes for rigorous research nowadays? Some muppet who 'analyzed online data about bands and the types of venues that they play) and guessed - for that's what it is - at a figure of around 30K?

My grannie could make a more cogent assesment - and she's dead!

In any town of note there'll be a number of musicians making a living - possibly not through ways Mr Hogwash has thought about, but through music; just have a quick think of the people you know who do so. Multiply that by the number of towns across your county, then your country... and consider that there is a world beyond Santa Barbara. Think how many performers and in how many different venues and genres... and our esteemed 'researcher' begins to look like a bit of an arse, imho.

Attention grabbing headline - but utter bolleaux :-]

08-Nov-10 05:41 PM

Pele    Said...

Hey Andy I was wondering when someone would post the "it can't be true!"'comment. Of course it's not. That big record deal is just around the corner for you! You're going to be a star and make lots of money. Ha ha ha ha!

08-Nov-10 06:46 PM

Black Dynamite    Said...

I sell drugs in the community!

08-Nov-10 07:23 PM

Oli    Said...

All we need is for ISP's to block mp3 downloads and torrents the music industry could have chance. Fine rapidshare and other sharing sites they are responsible for files on their sites and servers. And for some so called fans to stop putting their favorite music for free online. They are not helping any musician, you my lovoly fans have destroyed many dreams. Do not share music, you are not sharing you are steeling. If you like music, help the music survive by buying some.

08-Nov-10 08:25 PM

Brian from USA    Said...

Oli, it's too late to stop downloading. Rapidshare and similar services are carefuly set up in countries where the legal system is pretty forgiving...the beauty of the netz eh?

I used to think DLing was stupid, I have changed my tune. I have lots of LEGAL free DLs and when it comes to out of print material where the record companies won't sell it to you anyway, I have no moral issues with DLing rips off of old vinyl. I also have DLed material I needed to learn for my gigs.

BTW, as surveys have long shown the people who have the most "shared" music (I have stuff going back almost 40 years on cassettes and even open reel tape) also buy the most music. I have over 6000 LPs/CDs, buying an average of 3 a week for 40 fact I am off tho the store today to pick up some new releases.

09-Nov-10 08:46 AM

Oli    Said...

Hi Brian, i agree with you and i was one of the early supporters of legal mp3. I gave many of my old tunes away for free since 2000. It has helped a bit with exposure. I own a label now and most of my releases can be found a week after i release the music on rapidshare and other p2p networks. We musos don't even get a chance anymore, as soon my releases are on rapidshare my sales drop or stop. I as a label owner have released free promo material. ISP's can easily block certain sites.

09-Nov-10 08:52 PM

doubt    Said...

People who are sitting around trashing other's music instead of practicing will never make a living. The music industry refused to adapt to the changing times...that's why it's dead and has to resort to suing teenagers and grandma's in hopes of making their billions.

10-Nov-10 03:34 PM

Peter K.    Said...

Okay, we have to recognize that this person stated 25-30,000 BANDS. So multiply that number by 4.5 (average number of people in a band-ish). Also, this means people making a living off of original music. So the title of the article is way off. I and many other people I know make a living off of music full time. This article doesn't include sidemen, people that play in full time orchestras, music educators, producers, etc.

The title and content of the article is not inclusive of the vast majority of musicians who do actually make a living.

12-Nov-10 02:28 AM

Peter K.    Said...

...although I find it interesting that he states that music is also competing against DVDs and video games. I thought that was a really good point that I hadn't thought of.

12-Nov-10 02:29 AM

cooptrol    Said...

Absolutely ridiculous. Again US ethnocentrism expressed on a figure. I live in a 3 million country, Uruguay, and as small as we are, there are for sure at least 2 o 3 thousand musicians making a living off music. Just think of the rest of the world, countries like Brazil (hundred thousand professional musicians there). Multiply by hundreds of countries on the 5 continents. USA is just a tiny spot on earth, don't believe otherwise, and please avoid childish statements like that.

28-Nov-10 08:58 AM

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