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Pro Tools 9 Now Software Only DAW
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stg    Said...

What a joke, those guys are mentale ! 599 dollar for a software capable of recording 2 tracks simultaneously.

05-Nov-10 07:38 AM

Nick B    Said...

huh? Where does it say only 2 tracks record at a time? Surely thats just a limitation of whatever hardware IO you have available...

05-Nov-10 07:46 AM

DAW FTW!    Said...

Finally i have the FREEDOM TO WORK THE WAY I WANT!

05-Nov-10 09:54 AM

Nicky H    Said...

32 tracks simultaniously according to the AVID website. I've been using cubase for over 10 years (and happy with it) but I'm seriously considering looking into Protools with an Eleven front end!

05-Nov-10 10:19 AM

Trus1te    Said...

$599 is a bit pricy... I mean, I can get Reaper for $40, or $150 if I start grossing 20K in revenue. I know Reaper does not carry the rep of Pro Tools...But does its rep merit $600?

Anyway, this video is ridiculous. This is not revolutionary at all. This is a company responding to market pressure and declining sales.

05-Nov-10 10:32 AM

Wayne Dawkins    Said...

This is great. Pro Tools is great by the way. If you have used other DAWs once you use PT you will GET IT.

05-Nov-10 11:03 AM

Steven    Said...

Yes it's true. If you want to record more than 2 tracks you have to buy the Music Production Toolkit 2. This information comes from a guy who works @ Digidesign

05-Nov-10 11:18 AM

Roger    Said...

Wow! I'm really surprised, really really! and it was time; I can run 900 bombfactory bf76 and 400 dverbs on my core i7 machine (which blows away a hd7 system), but only 32 tracks of audio and no latency compensation - this update will finally kill those artificial boarders - bang!

05-Nov-10 05:15 PM

Gustavo    Said...

If what steven says holds true, then I think Pro Tools 9 is DEFINITELY toooooo pricey, 300 or at max 450 would seem better.

Considering Audacity is free and Reaper for comercial use is 150, I really see no point in getting Pro Tools just cuz its a DAW, but what I have heard is that the plugins it includes are quite good...

05-Nov-10 05:16 PM

greg    Said...

you can do 32 at the same time its in plain english just go to avid site cya

05-Nov-10 05:31 PM

justthefactsman    Said...

It's not that hard to figure this stuff out:

I'm switching. Get an MBox for $200 and Cross-grade to Protools 9 for $249. Easy decision for me. Will be using with Metric Halo interface.

05-Nov-10 07:39 PM

Sten    Said...

Hahaha, can't believe this! Top engineers amazed by a program running on its own. ...ever heard of Cubase?

05-Nov-10 09:09 PM

Sten    Said...

Hahaha, can't believe this! Top engineers amazed by a program running on its own. ...ever heard of Cubase?

05-Nov-10 09:10 PM


Has Cubase been locked into Steinberg interfaces for its entire lifecycle? No? What's your point then? ProTools was locked to hardware, now it is not. It's a big deal... for ProTools.

05-Nov-10 10:05 PM

Johan    Said...

Sorry Steven, it's not true. PT9 can record up to 32 tracks simultaneously (64 for PT9 HD)

05-Nov-10 10:42 PM


PT8 dropped support for the original MBOX on Snow Leopard... I wonder if PT9 will re-allow it? Or maybe are there no drivers for MBOX on Snow Leopard, period?

06-Nov-10 01:43 AM

Brad    Said...

Even though the original MBox is a USB interface, I don't think it's a class-compliant audio interface. It won't work without Digidesign drivers, and they decided to quit making drivers for Snow Leopard and beyond. So, no... the MBox is dead on Snow Leopard and beyond.

06-Nov-10 02:25 AM

William Rivera    Said...

Pro Tools has been the most popular DAW for years for several reasons. - Sample rate acurate - Complex automation - It is super stable - It has super editing power - Etc....

Others DAWs just try to get to the same level by adopting some of the Pro Tools features. If you are using Reaper (which by the way is a great piece of software) I dont think you can record and mix a full orquestra or do postproduction for a hollywood film. Yes, there are great programs for a fraction of the price or even FREE like grarage band form apple. But they have limitations that a PROFESSIONAL Studio engineer can't afford to have like the ability to record 32 TRACKS at a time and mix several hundred tracks at a time. If you are serious about music and audio production you need to have Pro Tools in your arsenal of tools. In fact most professional studios have several DAWs. Now if you just wanna record your self and your guitar I suggest that you dont even write bad about Pro Tools in this blog.

06-Nov-10 11:00 AM

Gustavo    Said...

I think what william says is true, ProTools is used by most PROFESIONAL guys, who can actually afford all (or at least the cheaper)protools interfaces. Getting rid of the need for such interfaces means getting on the market for amateur or small band musicians. Which I believe is rather pointles since those kind of persons wont have much money to spend and would rather pay $50 for REAPER than pay $600 for PT9 and not use 32 tracks at a time, etc.

I for one am an amateur and I find that even Audacity does the job quite well, specially since I do all the mixing on hardware.

I dont mean to talk bad about PT9, I would actually love it if someone gave it to me, but I WILL talk bad and make fun of Avid for making such a big deal about not being tied to interfaces, which seemed to be such a bad decision in the first place.

06-Nov-10 11:30 AM

DBM    Said...

" Automatic Delay Compensation is now standard "

Wow I guess I was just biding my time with Live and Logic before . How long has that been de facto everywhere else now ?

06-Nov-10 04:55 PM

Beken One    Said...

can I now..finally sync (midi or mtc) spot on like Ive been doing like forever since Notator, Cubase 3.5, Cakewalk 9, Logic 4.8...without having to baby the start point pre's? like Ive had to do with ANYTHING Protools? Can I finally dump A full Sync without having to do A "2|2|480" drag to "0"? If thats that case then yes I'm down with it!

07-Nov-10 06:43 AM

Stephen    Said...

I see both sides of the argument 600 bucks..what???? Apple Logic is 600 bucks, they sell a ton, Cubase, same difference. As for Reaper, yes it's a great piece of software, and more people are picking it up all the time. Enough to put a huge dent in Protools sales? Unlikely. I had a customer come into the music store I work at and immediately demand a brand new Apogee Symphony system. The reason? He new you could get up to 32 tracks recorded simultaneously ( I talked to an actual rep at Avid, not a "friend") and over 90 tracks right out of the box. Even IF their hardware sales decline as a result, their software sales will go through the roof. Like it or not, this has changed the game and their going to make a boatload of money.

07-Nov-10 12:53 PM

Bobby    Said...

I actually just stopped masturbating and pulled up my drawers to read this press release. It's about time the Pro Tools people woke up!

09-Nov-10 09:42 AM

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