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Un-boxing: Line 6 Pod HD500
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Alankara    Said...

I would be very interested to hear how this Pod sounds on keys, like a fender rhodes.

02-Nov-10 12:52 PM

Frank Lawrence    Said...

I'm interested in: 1. How the amp models sound 2. How the looper works. Is there a record quantize type function that makes end points smooth and easy? 3. How the stomp emulations sound.

02-Nov-10 02:53 PM

Jesse    Said...

Questions about the looper: Can the looper be synched to midi, for instance can I record a loop that is exactly at 112bpm? Can I export layers to DAW? Is there an undo in the looper?

Other questions: How does it sound directly to desk/DAW?

Does in have input presets for different guitars, like I have 7 guitars with very different pickups, the Boss GT-10 lets me store 3 different guitars and selecting between them when I switch guitars make my user presets much more compliant with all geuitars.

02-Nov-10 03:59 PM

Remm    Said...

Any way to get stereo in on this machine. All of these usually have mono in. I bet there are lot of keyboardists etc who might use M13 or M9, but would like the HD series better.

03-Nov-10 08:38 AM

don    Said...

Well, line6 says there is 10 times more amp DNA in the box, so do the amp models, with no additional stomps or effects, sound, and more importantly, feel superior to the previous PODs and also the competition?

03-Nov-10 09:09 AM

JWV    Said...

Great pedal, but the review was rubbish. Perhaps take some time to learn the pedal, and demo some clean amp models, and then some effects. You might want to start with a guitar that is tune as well.

03-Nov-10 12:44 PM

Bleedin Obvious    Said...

Um, its not a review, its an unboxing...

03-Nov-10 05:22 PM

CI    Said...

I think the review should emphasis on what the Pod HD offers over the latest generation of pods : i.e. better amp modeling & improved dynamic sound when played live.

You can skip all the effects as they are the same than the M9 and M13.

Also, a comparison between the same model of amp between the HD, the XT and the real amp is required. If Line 6 claims that this thing make you feel you

Also for the testing methodology, I saw the guy plugged the pedal directly into the amp. Should the pedal plugged into a full range sound system in order to get the real projected sound. If you don't turn off the speaker simulation and using a guitar amp, you end up with a speaker sim going again through a speaker. Which is not that great.

I feel that Rob would be better suited to review this pedal than the current guy. Rob seem to have access to various guitar amp and a taste for good tones. Which would be me reason for getting an HD500.

03-Nov-10 06:49 PM

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