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Revolutionary New Gibson Guitar
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SteveFromBerlin    Said...

Couldn't be more ugly!

30-Oct-10 09:40 PM

confused    Said...

I'm sorry . . . what, exactly, is so special about this guitar?

On-board effects?

And it's the future of guitars, but they're only making a few . . . and there's one less now that that idiot smashed one . . . and once they make those, that's it: future's over?!?

31-Oct-10 02:58 AM

still confused    Said...

Whoops! It turns out I'm the idiot, for not understanding that the dude smashed ANOTHER type of guitar . . . looks like an SG . . . as a way of dramatically demonstrating that "old" guitars are dead, and the Firefox is the future.

It's still a sucky idea . . . and they could've picked someone a bit more lively to do the smashin', no?

Dude looks like he could've used some help.

"I know . . . a denim jacket will make me look rock 'n roll!".

31-Oct-10 03:04 AM

Gustavo    Said...

I for one do not think this is dumb at all, it just seems like a reasonable transition. first stompboxes were "built-in" on amps, now the effects will come with your guitar. If the effect´s quality can justify the price I see this one being used by the gigging musician, specially the guys with small cars :O you could sell all your effects and guitars and only carry an amp and the guitar.

But with the inclusion of amp stompboxes, you could simply have your gutiar, one stompbox and two PAs for the show, very portable!!

Hope to see more guitars like this coming in more cheaply!

01-Nov-10 12:39 AM


Alesis X-Guitar? The game wasn't *very* different beforehand...

01-Nov-10 03:51 AM

raphus    Said...

Smashing musical instruments is a big turn-off. Besides, what if you want different effects instead?

01-Nov-10 04:19 PM

disgusted UK    Said...

extremely sad to see some overpaid ***hole smash a guitar that cost money to make when people are saving up for years often to buy one of their guitars. This was a crass, vulgar and totally thoughtless unecessary action and shows the man is a total jerk. Shame on him and whoever thought up this lame PR stunt.

01-Nov-10 06:31 PM

Disgruntled    Said...

This is the same turd that just fired all guitar techs across the USA working in Gibson Artist Relations Showrooms for no apparent reason. Saved the company about $6k/ much was that SG he destroyed?

05-Nov-10 07:47 AM

Orcslayer    Said...

Hey, I woulda loved to have that SG if he was just gonna smash it! As for the Firebird X, can you say "melted Stratocaster"? Didn't Fender just get thru trying DSP onboard their Strat - had to discontinue that model for lack of interest! And what about the Line 6 Variax? The Firebird X sems more like copying than innovating!

18-Nov-10 03:08 PM

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