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New Moog Slim Phatty Announced
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Gustavo    Said...

I was considering buying a little phatty this week... now seems like I can actually save some money on it!!

seems like moog is following some of DSI´s lines.... now its Tetra vs Sim Phatty

16-Oct-10 11:41 AM

eric powers    Said...

looks really cool. why is everyone on richard devines (*&ick so much. his presets and music are really wack. not sure why hes all over the place

16-Oct-10 12:01 PM

mark    Said...

Yeah, Devine is awful and he can't seem to clear his throat before speaking.

Neat little machine! Clear attempt to compete with MophoKB.

16-Oct-10 08:57 PM

Benedict Johnson    Said...


Although who wishes they'd abandoned the tag "Phatty" altogether and just called it the Moog Slim?

16-Oct-10 10:39 PM

Tetra owner    Said...

I would like moog to make a 4-poly analog synth that has sequencer, see how expensive that would be :P

16-Oct-10 10:43 PM

al    Said...

same dilemma here, tetra or phatty.

devine annoys the hell out of me. i rather have a company person do the talking / demo.

17-Oct-10 04:41 PM

DC    Said...

Seems expensive considering there are a ton of interesting true analog monosynths out there for half the price.

I think the name seems top double the price.

19-Oct-10 11:24 AM

Ishfaq    Said...

Well I never heard of this Devine guy before, but I think he does an excellent job of showcasing the Slim. Really makes me wanna grab one, but I'm torn between this and the Tetra. More hands on control vs. Polyphonic...hmmmm...

20-Oct-10 05:45 AM

dd    Said...

Vaya freaky este Devine XD a fregar platos lo ponía yo.

11-Nov-10 04:33 AM

Peter K.    Said...

I think he did a good job. His sounds for the Nord Modular G2x are really cool.

I have a Tetra and a Little Phatty. They're both great of course, but I think I have to agree with Tetra owner's comments.

However, the Phatty is fun to work on, but the Tetra has 4 assignable knobs per patch, so eight knobs... that isn't bad in a box the size of two DVD cases stacked on top of each other.

Both companies make synths of awesome value, but with different approaches. Don't forget that you can put the Tetra into Combi mode and have all those oscillators and sub oscillators firing at once. Or, you can have different voices in a polyphonic patch like the Korg Mono/Poly.

Sorry for getting OT, this isn't an article about the Tetra vs. Phatty. Both are great; consider your needs and budget carefully.

I look forward to checking out this synth, even though I already have a LP.

12-Nov-10 02:45 AM

Polymoog    Said...

Come on Moog and do something against the freaky Tetra FOUR VOICES

F O U R !!!!

Show'em what are you capable of !

11-Dec-10 10:56 AM

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