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Amped Review: Jet City 2112RC Combo
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AndyB    Said...

Murph is doing a good job with these amped reviews. Nice review.

11-Oct-10 02:00 PM

asiohead    Said...

Great review. I didn't know this brand/amp yet. And I expected a steeper price, but this is amazing. I really like the sound ! Of course these guitars aren't bad sounding ;) to begin with, but anyway, next time I'm in a shop I'm gonna look out for this one.

18-Oct-10 10:58 AM

Drake Remore    Said...

I own it. I love it. Can't get enough of it.

09-Dec-10 08:52 PM

Billy    Said...

Sad to say, but these amps are noisy.Hence the low price. Past high noon tons of noise. Probably a design flaw or also the lack of dc power. Shame really.

31-Dec-10 01:32 PM

ken    Said...

Not noisy at all, check your tubes or cables!

22-Sep-12 10:38 AM

ken    Said...

Not noisy at all for me, check your cables and tubes

22-Sep-12 10:39 AM

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