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Un-boxing: Roland Juno Gi
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George    Said...

Hey Nick

I would like to see in the full review how you can sync the audio with midi,

If you can use little audio bits, copy, paste and mix them like you are in Cubase for example.

Also can you check if the audio is elastic regarding the BPM .

Does the audio need a loading time or is the same technology like the SP404sx for example


07-Oct-10 06:21 PM

RolandTX    Said...

So no actual MIDI tracks? I assume Keyboard Record means that it will record the audio from the synth engine and not MIDI.

07-Oct-10 06:21 PM

wc    Said...

Can you show the juno G di working in other daw platforms. Like how the midi interacts with the software via usb, and maybe a audio test. thanks.

07-Oct-10 09:15 PM

raphus    Said...

I'm wondering if the sliders can control synthesis functions. Thanks!

07-Oct-10 10:58 PM

Rubén    Said...

Hi from Spain Nick.

I want to use the juno GI basically in live, and i was wondering if the digital recorder can play up to four tracks of audio arpegiator for example, send a click track to the drummer in order to be "on time" with the secuence and me playing some keyboard sound...all at the same time!!!

Thank you in advanced

08-Oct-10 05:58 AM

Nick B    Said...

Ruben, I will check it out. there are only stero outputs of the Gi so it may not be ideal for your precise application.

08-Oct-10 08:00 AM

Rubén    Said...

Ok Nick.

I see and specific audio output for click/song out, and it could save my back, having a small, light weight keyboard and multitrack on my gigs.

I was thinking about having it like second keyboard only for multitrack purpose and a few sythn sounds. Is not a problem having the same signal on that stereo output.

Thank you Nick for the fastest answer ever by the way!

08-Oct-10 08:47 AM

Nick B    Said...

Ruben you are right, there is a dedicated song/click output - thats nice. Will find out what it can do.

08-Oct-10 09:26 AM

Rubén    Said...

Awesome! Let me know any progress!


08-Oct-10 09:44 AM

JimG    Said...


Several things I'm curious about: 1. Keybd action - is it actually a semi-weighted board or not? 2. What exactly IS the synth engine technology? 3. Will Live Set in Split mode give you four Tones in four separate spaces across the keyboard or is there still some layering going on? 4. Please address the Hammond sounds as to their usability live. I see the unit offers the VK-7 rotary effect and it has some tweaks available. I'm not a B3 purist (Lord knows we have enough already), I just need something I can gig with!

I look forward to your usual thorough and insightful review of the Gi.

08-Oct-10 11:44 PM

Dezza    Said...

I'd like this if it also combined the capabilities of the microstation korg but it looks juicy

09-Oct-10 07:40 PM

Rubén    Said...


I'm waiting "as rain in May" (spanish term) the review of the roland juno gi ... if it´s favorable to my special needs, I would bought the keyboard tomorrow

looking forward...

14-Oct-10 03:36 AM

Dave    Said...

Quote: " but basically, its a Juno Di (now superceded), with an 8-track audio recorder built-in."

I think the Juno-Gi supercedes the Juno-G, not the Juno-Di. The Juno-Di is still in Roland's product lineup.

16-Oct-10 10:48 PM


Just arrived in the office, here's the quick look as we un-box it - but basically, its a Juno Di (now superceded), with an 8-track audio recorder built-in. I'm sure you meant supersedes?

31-Jan-14 11:49 AM

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