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Numark Release iDJ3
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CD    Said...

Already send 3 mails to their customer support, no answer. By the way, their controllers are crap if you want to use it on stage!

04-Oct-10 10:42 AM

Argon    Said...

They are not only crap on stage, they suck also in the living room:-)

04-Oct-10 04:53 PM

Nick B    Said...

Cant say anything about the quality, as I've not tried one, however the iDJ moniker is a little misleading as the iDJ 2 allowed you to DJ from your iPod or iPhone, this just adds the iPod device as an extra aux audio source, though you can control the track selection etc.

05-Oct-10 07:04 AM

Danny B    Said...

Everything is misleading with Numark, they forget on purpose to add the right information. No response from their customer support whatsoever. Really a company to avoid!

06-Oct-10 06:32 AM

Nick B    Said...

What is the information missing on this perhaps we can clarify?

Not sure Customer Support is the right place to try for unreleased products

06-Oct-10 07:33 AM

upset    Said...

my idj3 worked when i brought and what really sucks it froze the second time i went to useit. i contact customer service no respond as yet; it really a waste.

14-Oct-10 09:21 PM

Agrum    Said...

Numark is always been a waste of time!

05-Nov-10 10:53 AM

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