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Korg microPIANO Demo From Japan
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Is_That_A_Mirco_Piano_In_Your_Pocket_Or_Are_You_Just_Pleased_To_See_Me    Said...

What happens after "Micro", when Korg get bored of this fad? "Nano"? Will we have to have our hands surgically altered to use any Korg gear? Enough already of the tiny things!

01-Oct-10 07:24 AM


200lb pianists jumping from concert hall roofs everywhere, frustrated from trying to play mini keyboards built for slender female Asian hands.

This is our future. Remember who called it first.

01-Oct-10 10:54 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

I love it - Korg seems to have a knack for doing quirky instruments. Even if I couldn't use it myself (tbh. I couldn't properly use a real piano) I'm sure it'll find some cool uses in some people's setups. What I would be interested though, is some kind of macro-keyboards, say about 1.5 size the normal ones, so I wouldn't hit two keys at one so often during a solo! :-)

01-Oct-10 11:05 AM

pat    Said...

hell...they could've at least thrown in the "ms-20 filter," as seen in the monotron. heh heh; ) (attn. all you home keyboard makers: pleaz stop putting demo songz in your boardz, gaddangit!).

01-Oct-10 12:02 PM

raphus    Said...

I wish they'd focus on synths with normal keys.

01-Oct-10 05:28 PM

omnipoly    Said...

Mini keys rock!

03-Oct-10 01:22 PM

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