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GAIA Synthesizer Sound Designer Overview
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Orlando R    Said...

Lol. $99.

Roland is the only company who has balls to charge for an simple silly little editor. Crazy!

13-Sep-10 12:26 PM

abc    Said...

Most synths today come with free editor

13-Sep-10 01:04 PM

Zzzzzz    Said...

And no VST version of the editor.... big mistake

13-Sep-10 01:06 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Well - 99 dollars is a bit steep but I suppose you could argue that the money either had to be earned back as a slightly higher price for a GAIA with a free editor or a lower priced GAIA but with an optional editor like now... Having said that, VST capability seems indeed like a serious omission, especially with a synth like this.

13-Sep-10 01:42 PM

Vibber    Said...

99 Dollars may seem steep but it will probably retail for considerably less in stores and it includes extra sounds. Also the GAIA is a lottcheaper than most synths that includes editing software.

13-Sep-10 05:40 PM

abc    Said...

There is the new Novation Ultranova synth that comes with free software and better sounding synth

13-Sep-10 05:43 PM

jack sparrow    Said...

i look forward to downloading this editor for free.

13-Sep-10 06:43 PM

Vibber    Said...

Don't know if the Ultranova sounds better than GAIA after hearing the demo, and the GAIA has far superior controls. But the Ultranova seems quite nice with the vocoder and display etc.

13-Sep-10 07:13 PM

Brian from USA    Said...

Another vote against charging for this. Roland has been offering free editors with their gear for some time now, why this sudden change?

If I was a GAiA owner I'd be seriously PO'd!!!!

14-Sep-10 09:33 AM

raphus    Said...

The UltraNova looks more attractive to me: not just because of the wavetables and vocoder, but the fact that Novation had better, fatter, zipper-free and aliasing-free synth sounds ten years ago than Roland has in its VAs today. It's nice that the Gaia has more physican controls and can run on batteries, but sound is more important to me.

15-Sep-10 11:51 PM

Benny Sanders    Said...

Where is it available... I can't even find it to buy let alone download it for free....

21-Sep-14 04:59 AM

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