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New Moog
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Gustavo    Said...

If only money grew on trees...

I totally desire this beast of a synth! I hope that someday I get to save enough to be able to buy (and ship/import) this jewel!

Its like the ultimate moog, patch matrix, 61 keys, ribbon controller, everything you´d ever desire!

12-Sep-10 01:22 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Absolutely beautiful... Great design and I bet it's a sound monster.

12-Sep-10 01:29 PM

marc    Said...

yeah, oh - and one voice. What a lovely piece of boutique equipment. I'll have four of those

13-Sep-10 03:27 AM

Realist    Said...

That's a lot of money for a monophonic instrument which will, in essence, sound exactly like the Voyager.

13-Sep-10 04:30 AM

Gustavo    Said...

@Realist Remember that having such a beast is not only for the sound but for bragging you have one :P

13-Sep-10 08:41 PM

eXode    Said...

I would choose an original Model D over this freak of nature any day. It just looks silly. I could have bought if it could store your modular patchings in the presets (like on a Buchla) but this odd mixture of modular and saving presets is just wrong.

It would have made more sense to make the voyager old school into the XL.

Oh and at that price you can get a Studio-44 system from

I know what I would choose...

14-Sep-10 03:51 AM

? and the mysterions    Said...

far too many built in performance controllers ( pitch ribbon, xyz and wheels), which is a bit spinal tap. Possible there was a decision to once make a pitch ribbon as an aftermarket accessory which didnt work out. the patch bays look suspiciously like cp and vx controllers, too, which suggests parts rationalisation. A 5K price tag for a semi-modular synth is optimistic in the current climate. If there was the option to add more voices or something, it would be a no brainer. As it is, 5k can buy you a lot of new or old true modular synthesizers.

15-Sep-10 01:27 PM

raphus    Said...

I think it's beautiful, and it got my heart rate up, but realistically I would only spend that much money on a polyphonic synth like, say, a MemoryMoog reissue. I'm sure there are many famous and rich people who will buy it, though.

15-Sep-10 11:55 PM

eXode    Said...

raphus et others: At that price you could get a Studio Electronics Omega 8 ;)

16-Sep-10 03:38 AM

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