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Novation Announce New Hardware Synth
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raphus    Said...

I love the novation sound, and the addition of wavetables is seriously tempting. If they'd make a 5-octave multitimbral version with more controls, I'd be unable to resist. Ultranova ProX?

10-Sep-10 11:50 AM

Henri    Said...

well, I know it's childish, but I find it ugly

10-Sep-10 05:11 PM

abot    Said...

I'm glad Novation is finally creating synths again. But that video was so boring. Not very inspiring.

10-Sep-10 07:09 PM

raphus    Said...

They seem to want to show off the touch-sensitive knobs, but they're really no different than momentary switches, no? Useful live, maybe, but probably a hassle in the studio.

11-Sep-10 01:38 AM

Blue Monster 65    Said...

Here's hoping we get a Sonic State review of this machine before too long.

11-Sep-10 08:32 AM

Blue Monster 65    Said...

Addendum: the videos on the Novation site are much, much better for info, etc.

11-Sep-10 08:49 AM

jesse    Said...

For someone who likes building large evolving textures and pads, I found it saddening that UltraNova is one-part only... other than that I think high of this synth. The editor software looks very nice.

11-Sep-10 02:11 PM

Martin    Said...

Wow... That sounds like Horse Shite!

11-Sep-10 05:15 PM

loneraver    Said...

I got excited when I heard the news because when I was still in high school I wanted a Novation Nova so badly but didn't have the money. Anyways, I saw the picture of this synth and I have to say.... it's kinda ugly. It's put me off wanting it and instead I decided to buy a second hand Nova instead.

Finally I'll have my synth of (high school) dreams. Sorry, Novation. You just don't have it anymore.

11-Sep-10 08:47 PM

Gustavo    Said...

First: Its ugly

Second, its too reminescent of the miniAK

Third: Monotimbral? it should be at least bi timbral :(

Granted if they make it at the same price as their controlleres, it would be killer budget-synth... but sill nothing compared to Tetra.

12-Sep-10 01:22 PM

MPS    Said...

I suspect that this video was a bad idea. It doesn't show the capability of the machine, it talks about it.

Worst promo video ever.

13-Sep-10 08:11 AM

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