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Is Apple Ping A Complete Fail?
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Juicy Audio Productions    Said...

On the one hand i have the feeling of "it's early days yet, so lets see what happens" but on the other hand i also have "hang on a minute...they of all people should really have hit the ground not running, but STEAMING along". Considering their pedigree, apple seem to be dropping the ball a little these days ( iphone 4 issue was conveniently sidestepped).

As an INDEPENDANT artists platform, right now this is a fail. Let's hope they make it more open,sooner rather than later as there are LOADS of other more workable platforms out there already.

03-Sep-10 06:27 AM

tony    Said...

Its a little early to call it a fail...but this is an absolutely horrid start. Only 14 artists you can follow, and its invitation only? Not having a good way to connect to people on a social network is just ridiculous. If this was 2001 and social networking was new this could be forgiven. As it stands, they better get working on it..

03-Sep-10 08:39 AM

DBM    Said...

Fail or complete fail on day 2 ? Seriously ? Is this a fox news report ...sounds like it . Now 6 mounths from now if nothing new is added then we can spit on it. Until then just kind of reminds me of the 90's ideal of cool thing (apple) gets big = cool kids call them a poser . Seams to be the fad to doubt them at every turn now . Reminds me of when you were freaking out on the podcast about the loss of fw400 ports in favor of the 800 and how your then assumption that that would make everyones 400 audio i/o usless . lol . Don't get me wrong apple can and have f#ed up and can , but let's lose the fad guys . It is a turn off . ;)

03-Sep-10 10:53 AM

James lewin    Said...

DB - if it were Fox News, the headline would have been something more like "Liberal Media Hype Can't Save Apple Ping".

I appreciate your wait and see attitude, but Ping will be a failure unless it opens up.

Remember iTunes LP, Apple's digital album "experience? It started with 12 albums and wasn't open to indies, and went nowhere.

I'd agree, though, that musicians should try out Ping and keep their eyes on it. Given iTunes 160 million users, there is a lot of potential for Ping if Apple can fix it.

03-Sep-10 11:29 AM

gizzard    Said...

"There's no way to easily connect with friends you may already have on MySpace, Twitter of Facebook."

There Was a Facebook Connect option in Ping but Facebook blocked it yesterday according to Engadget. Apple and Facebook are negotiating. It's a bit rich to label Ping as a walled garden when the biggest social network Facebook is the prime example of it.

03-Sep-10 01:11 PM

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