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Sparkly Black Strap-On Synth
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Madame Roland    Said...

Strap that thing on and show 'em who's boss...

02-Sep-10 12:56 PM

Captain Obvious    Said...

One more product from Roland that is not going to get any updates or any support.

Roland support sucks. Buyers beware. Long gone are the glory days of Roland, all they do now is kiss ass and PR stuff, leaving musicians without crucial updates and bugfixes for years.

02-Sep-10 01:36 PM

YouKnow    Said...

Hey Captain! Do you have to copy and paste that into every Roland product mentioned? I guess you must have been insulted some way but this is just silly ...

02-Sep-10 05:53 PM

Juicy Audio Productions    Said...

It looks far more slicker (is that a word?) and tastier in black. Now to find a RATIONAL justification for buying one, cause "i wanna be jan hammer, with the d-beam-esque powers of jimmy page" isnt enough these days ;-)

03-Sep-10 06:17 AM

Atomic Shadow    Said...

From the title of the story I thought this was something else entirely!

Captain Obvious= anonymous internet bomb thrower. I have several Roland products that all work exactly as I would wish and I have never had any trouble finding answers to questions. Never needed tech support. If you have a gripe, take it up with Roland!

03-Sep-10 07:49 AM

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