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Did Apple Just Kill MySpace?
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Masterbox Thomas    Said...

Hmm. Interesting for all musicians having their recordings for sale on iTunes. But maybe it's just me, does Apple not stuff to much into one app? Having things side by side allways looks cool, but in use, some programs have a primary or a few functions that appeals to the user. To me Ping could just be a dimension of iTunes, that I seldom would dive into, simply because shopping is something different than discovering artist and their music. I would prefer Ping to be a webcommunity that I could access independently ie a separate app or a website.

02-Sep-10 02:37 AM

Tony    Said...

Apple hates the internet. They want their social network behind their walled garden of control. As I dont install iTunes on my computers (PCs) I will never even see this network.

02-Sep-10 08:52 AM

CZ-303    Said...

It's a little late to be killing off MySpace!

I have to agree with Masterbox Thomas - the fact that this isn't on the web is a big deal.

Also - I don't see any way to set up a band page within Ping. Anybody figure that out yet?

For an Apple product, Ping seems not very user-friendly and sort of half-baked.

02-Sep-10 10:42 AM

starcorp    Said...

ping sounds to me more like a spam machine and a advertising vehicle and it is a closed platform.

02-Sep-10 10:44 AM

sc    Said...

It's not a social network, it's a selling network. MySpace at least lets ANYONE setup a presence. Ping is just another avenue for iTunes artists to get their shit in front of your face.

03-Sep-10 10:56 AM

not interested    Said...

Ping is invite only for artist that sell in the millions. Theres under 20 artists with Ping now. Forget about it, it is a failure to begin with, just another marketing tool to sell more of the music that alllready sells a lot due to marketing.

06-Sep-10 07:02 PM

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