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GAIA SH-01 Synth Editor
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Juicy Audio Productions    Said... - A link to the product page.

This is a great piece of software for newbies ( there's even a virtual C.R.O. and it can record the entire process of creating a sound, which is quirky and useful) and those who need to store gazillions of presets. I personally always find it odd when gear that is festooned with lots of useful knobs and sliders has editing software for it, but horses for courses i guess.

I still cannot understand, however, why roland havent made this at least bi-timbral. It couldnt have been that much of a stretch, considering the legendary jp8000 & 8080, on which this is closely based, both were.

03-Sep-10 08:58 AM

Jesse J    Said...

Probably because of the 3 octave keyboard...

PS. You could check out the Facebook community for the GAIA for tips and tricks and videos...

03-Sep-10 01:59 PM

My Wallet    Said...

Seemingly roland has balls to try charging for their editor. must be the worst idea ever to charge $99 for an editor that gives absolute no extra value to the user.

Which is nicer, tweak all the knobs of gaia using both your hands or mouse one parameter at a time watching tiny icons on your screen? Pay $99 for using the mouse? lol. stupid idea.

Roland seems only to fail at the moment. Their support not only sucks ass, it also now cost a lot.

06-Sep-10 07:07 PM

Lettie    Said...

You are so aewsome for helping me solve this mystery.

11-Aug-11 04:18 AM

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