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New Roland Juno
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mysticradio    Said...

this looks promising.. if its cheap... its rehash ala roland.. but sounds nice in soundset.. great take-to-the-cottage piece

01-Sep-10 09:00 AM

Captain Obvious    Said...

One more product from Roland that is not going to get any updates or any support.

Roland support sucks. Buyers beware. Long gone are the glory days of Roland, all they do now is kiss ass and PR stuff, leaving musicians without crucial updates and bugfixes for years.

02-Sep-10 01:38 PM


If you buy this and find out something crucial is not working with the software, you will have to live with it for years. Roland does NOT do support like other companies do.

You will be left alone and all your complaints will be ignored. They do not fix bugs.

02-Sep-10 01:40 PM

YouKnow    Said...

Don't know what your problems are guys but I'm feeling the total opposite for Roland. Great support, drivers and updates long after products are discontinued.

02-Sep-10 05:50 PM

Happy ex-customer    Said...

Do you mean great support like the total failure of support for Rolands "flagship" Fantom G?

Or do you mean great support like charging $99 for the Roland GAIA editor?

Do you mean great support like the thousands of unhappy users with failing screens on the previous Junos that get no support from Roland?

Well, you fill find out how great Rolands support is when you buy this synth and have to wait 3-4 years to get some little bug fixed.

Good luck trying to get a hold of any kind of customer support. Roland does not have a phone nor email. They do have local marketing teams around the globe, but drivers and OS fixes are made in Japan, and they DO NOT listen to anyone. They do as they please and they do not please anyone.

06-Sep-10 07:12 PM

andy    Said...

Roland should now bring out some serious kind of keyboard for live performer with full patch editing / sound designing facilities. people still use their XP series for live performance. all this new toys are not easy stable and user friendley now every home has a PC or Mac with plenty of toys to play arround

10-Nov-10 07:29 PM

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