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Korg M01 - M1 On The Nintendo DS
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Synthoverlord    Said...

I love the Korg Analog & Digital Legacy VSTi's. I wish they's make a VST Karma instead of DS toys though... perhaps they had such a hit with the Monotron Korg think smaller is better?

31-Aug-10 09:13 AM

Brian from USA    Said...

Seems like Korg is really pushing to get at users (amateurs?) who prize portability over all. Fits right in with all the "micro" hardware they have been releasing. I guess the DS-10 was a hit for them.

31-Aug-10 09:48 AM

Gustavo    Said...

Perhaps after seeing the great success the DS-10 had (relatively speaking) they decided to expand upon that. I like the DS-10 a lot, it was something different, even inspiring.

And yes, its for amateurs. Consider this: how many profesional musicians that can actually afford an m3 are there? now consider: how many music-loving guys are there with already a DSi?? I bet you there are more of the second. It is a relatively unexploited market, with less than 10 products I believe... or at least very few good ones.

31-Aug-10 02:14 PM

George    Said...

just like to point out the the MO1 is not made by KORG. it is made by a japanese company called Detune who also made the DS-10 and DS-10+. KORG are backing the product as it was their original keyboard in the first place.

06-Jan-11 04:26 PM

loulou    Said...

or buy the M1 on dsi

16-Sep-12 02:26 AM

loulou    Said...

or buy the M1 on dsi

16-Sep-12 02:27 AM

Peter K.    Said...

Hey! Wouldn't it be cool if they made an M1 for the iPad? It'd be great to bring that to a gig and be able to set up splits & layers in Combi mode and whatnot.

10-Mar-13 03:34 AM

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