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Edit Your Super Jupiter
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Juicy Audio Productions    Said...

This looks really useful, cause the MPG's nearly cost four figures now (£), and are hard to find on their own. It'll be interesting to see how it handles all the sysex flow, as i can remember that the original combo of mpg and mks 80 used to kick out a tremendous amount of data over midi, which meant some tweaking with data filtering to avoid stuck notes/lock ups.

What would REALLY make this a total must-have, is putting it on an IPAD , so youve got an as close to the original as poss feel.

19-Aug-10 02:19 PM

THJ    Said...

This sucks big time. Random crashes, patch saving doesn't work, random button is useless, their manual sucks even more... You wonder why there isn't any video on there website? Cause it doesn't really work how it should work.

12-Apr-14 03:08 AM

JKL    Said...

I strongly advice everyone to stay away form this editor. It fucked up my MKS-80 very badly. I had to replace a VCO and a VCA due to the random function of that piece of crap software. It really messes up your entire MKS.

10-Jan-15 08:09 AM

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