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Podcast: Sonic TALK186 - Bieber Stretch Phenomenon
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ashtarbrian    Said...

most links aren't working!

20-Aug-10 02:31 AM

Tronam    Said...

Hey PJ, if you're still within your buyer's remorse period (usually 2 weeks) on that iPod Touch, you might consider returning it and waiting a few weeks. Very soon Apple will be releasing their brand new model that will most likely include the beautiful new "retina display" from the iPhone 4, a considerably faster processor and most suspect will also include a camera. Apple's product refresh cycles are usually very predictable. For future reference, check out this excellent site if you're planning to buy or upgrade any Apple product:

20-Aug-10 08:14 AM

loneraver    Said...

When I was an undergrad, I saved up an entire summer's wages to buy Symphonic Choirs. It's really amazing!

It (and every other East West/Quantum Leap library) is very computer intensive.

21-Aug-10 09:55 AM

r4ltman    Said...

I had to do this with some video for the opening of Mad Men, and threw in a bit of Ozzy's Diary of a Madman for good measure, while people won't find it perhaps to be the cultural epiphany of the pop track that popularized this recent construct, like anything under a microscope, it opens up more thoughts about the original context of the subject.

24-Aug-10 01:39 AM

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