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Motif XF Exploration Continued
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mysticradio    Said...

NOTE TO NICK...... your FULLSCREEN buttons dont seem to be working lately.

Yamaha " gee i was under the impression that XF series had a dedicated 16 track audio recorder, like in OASYS. well i guess you cant have everything. Even the Juno-G from Roland had 4 track audio. Much thanks again to Nick and Bert

12-Aug-10 01:17 PM

Alex    Said...

Hmm i wonder why when the question about synthesis is asked, then why no talk about oscillators, LFOs, and stuff like that ? Does it have a real synthesis engine at all, or is it the sample engine being refered to as a synthesis engine ?

12-Aug-10 01:48 PM

Nick b    Said...

Yes , Wondered that too. If it's AWM2 then that does have all of that stuff no?

Unfortunately, I was unable to have any hands on with the unit myself. But would think that a dig In the motif xs manual will tell a lot. After all it's 100% backwards compatible no.

12-Aug-10 02:04 PM

anonymous coward    Said...

sorry for being off topic, but what have you done to the embedded videos? until recently i was able to watchem without any hassle and in fullscreen, even with an adblocker switched on. now i understand that you need the income from the ads, but nfor a few days now the flashplayer is not switching to fullscreen anymore, even with adblocker off. the video will not play at all if adblock is on! also there is a quicktime link but this also will not play in fullscreen in the browser. so i tried quicktimepro and vlc but the video will only play the sonicstate intro and then end. what is so hard to combine user satisfaction with ads? just play five second ads before the videos and don´t bother me with the hassle. i really like your site because you know a lot about musical toys, bt please do something for the viewres satisfaction. thank you!

12-Aug-10 08:20 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Excellent video! That string at the start preset really sounds nice... On a technical note, I love the insert of the menu screen you do in this video. Works really well!

12-Aug-10 09:50 PM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

There's that excellent non-granulating time slicing at the end!!

The GUIs are surely the best we've ever seen on a workstation, they look just like software VSTs.

Sounds suspiciously like the synth engine is sample based (like the M3 with it's Radias expansion).. but sure there are huge swathes of the audience who would never know or care.

12-Aug-10 11:17 PM

Nick B    Said...

Re ads: what we did was ad html5 support so folks using iPad /iPhone could watch the ids. Not sure what happens with the full screen button. We will try to get to the bottom of it.

Uaser satisfaction with ads is obviously harder to achieve that you imagine!

13-Aug-10 01:33 AM

Koshdukai    Said...

The link is pointing to instead of (missing a "A" there).

The XF sounds (no pun intended) very interesting, even to a non HardwareMusicWorkstation guy like me :)

13-Aug-10 09:01 AM

mysticradio    Said...

well.... i thought about it...... since i have a yammy s70xs...... i think im gonna go for the OPENLABS DBEAT. more powerful and made for performance with MPC type pads and X-Y control and full blown studio live. Hank Coleman from OPENLABS says the company is fine and well and NOT putting it up on the auction block. if anyone is interested i can forward you the email he sent me. leave your email.

13-Aug-10 10:13 AM

Bjarne D.    Said...


I love Bert Smorenburg!

13-Aug-10 06:31 PM

anonymous coward    Said...

@nick + sonicstateteam - the videos are fully working again, not sure if you changed anything or the problem was on my side, but if i can watch the videos in fullscreen i am cool with whatever advertising you need to keep the show up and running.

bert is a fantastic presenter, but sometimes he is just overpowering a question with a symphony instead of a simple yes or no.

do you think you´ll get a review unit anytime soon?

have a nice day!

13-Aug-10 08:04 PM

mysticradio    Said...

id MUCH rather hear SOUNDS than someone spewing tech anyday.........we are all familiar with bells and whistles by now...... but in the end its the sound baby the sound

13-Aug-10 10:28 PM

oli    Said...

One note on AWM2, it has got simple saw, pulse, sine waveforms and each has got at least one multimode filter, one pitch, vol and filter envelope per element. Most S&S engines are have simple virtual analog features. But features like ocs sync and pw are not found very often.

14-Aug-10 03:56 AM

mysticradio    Said...

for a NON dedicated synth..... it covers bases pretty darn good. but to be honest i must say.... AWM2 is getting kinda tired.... time to move beyond ''bread and butter'' id say.... are they companies just too lazy...... korg kept its engine and roland its engine. they dont seem to be evolving really. thats why OPENLABS DBEAT is the new route for me.

14-Aug-10 09:45 AM

selercs    Said...

Yamaha always refuses to play/demonstrate much of synth sounds...almost as if they have an inferiority complex that their synths won't sound as strong as Korg's or Roland's!!! Why didn't the man demonstrate the filter types instead of just talking about it?

15-Aug-10 01:09 AM

Korguser    Said...

Showing off synth sounds? Saw him doing Kraftwerk, Jarre, Vangelis, Aha and lots more on stage, using synth sounds only

16-Aug-10 11:56 AM

Juicy Audio Productions    Said...

Ive posted on part one, and in answer to nick somewhere here, YES there sounds like more or less TOTAL overlap with the MOTIF XS ( which i own), which was made apparent to me within seconds of both parts..especially this one, when he played the stringy stuff and the sample bits.

Incidentally, the filters are very usable, even if AWM2 is now quite long in the tooth, but then so are roland's and Korg's variation on a theme.

Maybe im in a minority, but as great as softsynths are, there ease of access and consequent use means that EVERYONE can sound quite similar timbrally. This where dedicated hardware can sometimes give you a bit of an edge.

As i said on the other post though, its horses for courses.

19-Aug-10 07:39 PM

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