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Studio LOG: Rotations - Album In the Making 005
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Dripfeed    Said...

Daisy ROCKS, man! Nice touch. She's a sweetheart. I'm really enjoying this series of videos, by the way. Please keep 'em coming.

27-Jul-10 09:17 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Absolutely wonderful, I love the little details that you put into the sound design of the overall tracks and I'm really looking forward to the finished album! Until then, thanks again for letting us share in the process!

27-Jul-10 11:54 AM

Rob Willson.    Said...

I am really enjoying the series of videos, just amazing ideas. The granular life track almost seems to have a Vangelis Direct type of feel with the vocals.

I'd like to record my son and have tried, you have given me some good ideas.

27-Jul-10 04:41 PM

skywalk    Said...

thanks for doing these vids! always nice to look in the kitchen.. and it tastes good!

28-Jul-10 04:53 PM

Le Marquis    Said...

Hey Robbie once the album is complete you might consider releasing a multitrack version with the logs included, I would buy it.

29-Jul-10 08:45 PM

kieran    Said...

i love this series. really inspiring. thanks!!

02-Aug-10 06:55 PM

von boson    Said...

So enjoyable and a truly rare glimpse at the creative process. Thank you!

26-Aug-10 01:08 AM

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