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Studio LOG: Rotations - Album In the Making 004
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Robbie Ryan (I love analogue)    Said...

Brilliant! A great nuts + bolts audio commentary and a great resource for musicians and producers.

23-Jul-10 09:24 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Excellent! Sounding great so far...

23-Jul-10 10:41 AM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

I'm jealous of his studio.

By rhetoric, I can only assume he must be a super-top producer to even have all that stuff - therefore we're lucky to have this insight!

Can't wait to hear the finished albums

24-Jul-10 10:04 PM

Johan    Said...

Nick, the version on iTunes of this episode is corrupted (after 2 minutes)... Other than that I really love these kind of series, keep em coming!

11-Aug-10 07:34 AM

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