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Studio LOG: Rotations - Album In the Making 002
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MFur    Said...

Cool!!! Ambient atmosphere, I like it.

16-Jul-10 07:29 AM

Tw@thead    Said...

Nick, could you find out where Robbie got that desk & display stand from please. Looks like a great work surface. cheers

16-Jul-10 07:31 AM

Nick B    Said...

This reply from Robbie:

After many hopeless attempts modifying Ikea office furniture etc I custom designed it

Basically it is made up of steel industrial railing parts The wood is marine ply & the runners are standard drawer runners mounted on ply runners The beauty of the system is any shelf (apart from the top ones) can be moved anywhere on uprights as the system changes.

16-Jul-10 08:40 AM

robbiemacman    Said...

The monitor arms are really great quality from

16-Jul-10 09:38 AM

clay    Said...

Excellent Video!!

I really like this "modulated reverb" effect on the electric piano. How is it done?

17-Jul-10 11:10 AM

Nick B    Said...

I think it was from virsyn from what I remember Robbie saying:

17-Jul-10 02:00 PM

Big D    Said...

Logic 9 under Snow Leopard allows you to run in 64 bit,and also provides a 32 bit app within Logic that supports your 32 bit plug ins. Running at 32 bit the max. memory tops out at 4GB. So switch over and use all that memory you have.

17-Jul-10 03:01 PM

Big D    Said...

To be more precise, I'm running Logic 9.1.1, And with 9GB of memory installed 64 bit is the only way to access it. Otherwise you are just wasting 5GB that you can't access.

17-Jul-10 03:11 PM

robbiemacman    Said...

Thanks for all that I am totally up on the 64 bit mode with 32 bit bridge thing But am also aware a number of my plugs don't currently play ball with it. I am also dubious of the longer term fallout of trying to load songs that used the bridge system after everything had fully switched to native 64 bit operation. Do people really believe everything will come back? Could be a risky policy

17-Jul-10 04:03 PM

Big D    Said...

You can switch between 32 and 64 simply by opening the info pane of the Logic application folder and selecting 32 or 64. you are not stuck with one or the other. I currently operate in 32 bit mode because all I have is 4GB of ram. And until I get more ram I use it this way.And even 64 bit plug ins like all the Spectrasonics stuff still works in 32 bit. Snow Leopard also gives you 7GB or more of disk space back.

17-Jul-10 05:53 PM

Robbiemacman    Said...

Good reply thanks but already get all that. But I dont want to have to deal with bridged plugins. And you can only open one GUI at once which just slows down my workflow. The first finished track from my album has ended up at over 150 audio tracks & there is still obscene amounts of automation & plugins running. Even 1 not playing ball with the 32bit bridge mode would cause me major hassles.

17-Jul-10 07:01 PM

Big D    Said...

Using Logic 9.1.1 in 32 bit mode doesn't use the bridge, I'm running in 32 bit . But hey cool . Good luck on the project, sounds great.

17-Jul-10 07:15 PM

martin    Said...

You could use the Plogue Bildule host, rewired to Logic, and keep huge instruments there. It works very well, Bidule uses its own 4 GB of memory. You can sep up rewire-midi channels from Logic tracks into it and, use several audio return auxes, rewire has very low latency, and Bidule even lets you use VSTis. Secondly, if you can live without the new features in Logic 9.1.1, then Logic 8.0.2 kind of uses 600 mb less memory. Logic 9 reserves 600 mb as a "crash guard" and only releases it in portions after a lot of warning boxes and re-openings of the song. If you use Logic 8, just keep an eye on its memory usage in Activity Monitor, and stay well under 3,9 GB VMEM as Logic usually crashes around there.

17-Jul-10 08:09 PM

Robbiemacman    Said...

Thanks for all the replies great info / knowledge. I know that currently powercore has issues under Leopard & I am a massive user if the system 6000 Plugins particularly md3. My policy is that when 90% of my plugs have gone 64 bit I will take the plunge. Because people rely on me daily for stuff i cant afford to be too gun ho! What have peoples experience of just updating to snow leopard from leopard been like? I always favor a clean instal for a new OS or am I being too paranoid?

18-Jul-10 12:22 PM

robbiemacman    Said...

I meant to say powercore has issues under snow leopard

18-Jul-10 12:23 PM

robbiemacman    Said...

I meant to say powercore has issues under snow leopard

18-Jul-10 12:23 PM

Paul Hurt    Said...

FWIW, I've been running a Powercore Express with Snow Leopard for three or four months I think. TC have a beta driver for SL don't they? Last time I looked it was a bit buried on their website. Maybe there's been another update since the driver I'm using, but since I haven't had any problems with it (and I've been soooo busy mixing) I haven't even thought about it. Might be worth checking out.

Yep, I use lots of System 6000 stuff too. TC's Brickwall Limiter is ace.

19-Jul-10 09:11 AM

robbiemacman    Said...

Yea your right about other drivers Ironically I am the presenter TC use for Namm/Frankfurt for all their powercore based products but the Snow leopard issues are most with firewire based products & i use the x8.

19-Jul-10 08:03 PM

Big D    Said...

Updating to Snow Leopard was painless.Sufficient time has pasted for all the bugs to be worked out.Careful going up to 10.6.4 though. Still needs work. I waited for my third party stuff to be compatible before updating as well. And everything runs as it should.

20-Jul-10 04:30 PM

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